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The first furniture innovations of the year at imm cologne 2018

imm cologne presents the whole world of interior design – and has surprises in store, and not just on-trend, outdoor versions of classics, but also with new launches of all types of sitting and sleeping furniture: traditional and design-oriented, reduced and cosy are the new directions for the start of the furniture season in January.

At imm cologne 2018, more than 100,000 pieces of furniture and other furnishing items will be exhibited, around a third of which are absolutely new products. The over 1,200 exhibitors from 50 countries expected at the event will not only display the latest colours and forms, but also reflect the trend for long-life materials such as marble and the enduring fascination with design classics. And imm cologne is a part of this history. In 1968, the Panton Chair – a revolutionary piece both in terms of design and manufacture – was presented to the public for the first time at the imm furnishing show in Cologne. Fifty years after the original’s presentation, Vitra is issuing two limited editions of the iconic classic in 2018 – and where else for the premiere but Cologne.

Panton Chrome and Glow: the anniversary editions of Vitra at imm cologne 2018
After many years of joint development work, Verner Panton and Vitra’s Panton Chair – the first cantilever chair manufactured from a single piece of plastic – was finally ready for series production in 1967. The chair, which was a revolutionary piece both in terms of design and manufacture, was first presented to the public at the imm international interiors show in Cologne in 1968. Fifty years after the original’s presentation, Vitra is issuing two limited editions of the iconic classic in 2018: the Panton Chrome and the Panton Glow. Verner Panton had always been fascinated by mirrored surfaces, and over the course of his career he consistently employed a range of mirror effects in his work. This can be seen in his furniture and lighting designs as well as in many of his expressive interiors. With the Panton Chrome, one of the designer’s long-held dreams is now finally realised. Back in the early 1970s the designer explored the possibility of giving the Panton Chair a mirrored surface. Panton believed that the chair’s dynamic, sweeping form was perfect for a reflective finish, but the susceptibility of such a surface to scratches meant that realising this was technically impossible at the time. Now, nearly 50 years later, a safe yet complex process has been developed, one that involves highly specialised manual craftsmanship. The Panton Chrome’s brilliant mirror effect is achieved through a metallisation embedded in several layers of paint. This complex paint system is flexible enough to accommodate the slight plasticity of the Panton Classic chair under loads, while also being robust enough to offer effective protection to the sensitive surface.

Through painstaking handicraft, five layers of paint containing luminescent pigments are applied to the untreated polyester resin shell of the Panton Classic, and this is then sealed with a high-gloss protective coating. The luminous pigments charge in daylight and give off a blue light when it is dark. The spectral appearance of the Panton Glow chair shining in the darkness has something mystical about it, and lets the well-known classic appear – literally – in a new light. (Photo: Vitra, Image 18/19)

01 COR – Moss
A seat? Or a bed? Why not both! A kind of 21st-century divan that offers one thing above all else: a supremely comfortable seat. This is provided by large cushions with a gentle crumpling effect on the outside and an abundance of materials such as down and quilted linings on the inside. Stuttgart design duo Jehs+Laub designed the multifunctional piece for Cor. (Photo: Cor)

02 ADA AUSTRIA premium – Tyler and Portland
The innovative Airogel® cells in the upholstery in the Tyler seating arrangement and the Portland dining room collection by ADA are designed to provide enhanced seating comfort. They fit perfectly to the body’s contours and guarantee highly precise pressure release. (Photo: ADA AUSTRIA premium)

03 Artek – 124° (Design: Daniel Rybakken)
124° – this is the angle between the two side faces of the wall-mounted Artek mirror bearing the same name. Their strong form, the unusual mirror effect and the fragmented light they refract make them a striking wall feature. The mirror is based on extensive research by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken on natural light and its representation. (Photo: Zara Pfeifer; Artek)

04 Brdr. Krüger – Theodor
Theodor is a reinterpretation of the “archetypal Danish chair” that played a key role in establishing the importance of Danish Modern and seeks to combine classic values with a new perspective. The chair will be on show at imm cologne in a new oiled oak version with a textile seat by Brdr. Krüger. (Photo: Brdr. Krüger)

05 Bretz – Filousof
Upholstered furniture manufacturer Bretz certainly didn’t choose the name by chance: the Filousof sofa is a little cheeky, perhaps, but it is designed first and foremost to be a freethinker. Each cushion in the back, seat and armrests and the body can be covered with a different covering, a different colour or a different pattern. What’s more, the sofas and modular sofas can be expanded in any arrangement you like in 25 cm increments. (Photo: Bretz)

06 Gwinner – Laredo
A strong focus on wood, distinctive surfaces with knots or cracks, and clear lines – these are the visual characteristics of the Laredo living room collection by Gwinner. The new wood smoked oak timber creates a slightly severe impression and is a perfect match for the linear design. Another new addition to the range: the colour mocca matt silk lacquer is a comparatively dark brown. (Photo: Gwinner)

07 Jan Kath – Polonaise
The order was simple: “Make me the most beautiful carpets in the world!” said Shah Abbas to his carpet makers in the palace workshops in Isfahan. The results were so fascinating that Jan Kath chose them around 400 years later as the model for his new collection, Polonaise: shimmering magical forests of lotus flowers, intricate arabesques and palmettes. (Photo: Jan Kath)

08 Ligne Roset – Imprevue
An individual sofa, corner group or even a bed? The Imprevue sofa collection by designer Marie-Christine Dorner can be arranged in many combinations and opens up a multitude of possibilities for its use. Simply remove the side and back sections from the modular sofa and it is transformed into a bed in no time. (Photo: Ligne Roset)

09 Moll – Champion
Children change their favourite colour often. That’s why every Champion table by Moll contains a box with eight decorative colours for the foot skids and cover caps. The colours can be quickly replaced and stored in the box until the next colour change. (Photo: Moll)

10 Schönbuch – Grace (Sebastian Herkner)
With its minimalist form, Schönbuch’s reinterpretation of the trolley table (design: Sebastian Herkner) can also be used as a mobile bar, a side table or a filing system for the home office. The design draws on 1950s architecture. Grace is available in black, midnight blue and rosewood. The top glass layer is painted on the reverse in a coordinating colour. (Photo: Schönbuch)

11 Schramm – Ono (Design: Sebastian Herkner)
Sebastian Herkner wanted to make reading, working and breakfasting in bed as comfortable as possible. The cosy padded cushions in the Ono bed by Schramm Werkstätten are an invitation to relax. For the very busy designer and frequent traveller, these comfort zones are incredibly important. (Photo: Schramm Werkstätten)

12 Tom Taylor – Heaven Casual
imm cologne visitors at the ADA stand will be greeted by an entire apartment with two bedrooms, a living and dining area, a guest room and home office, and a bathroom – in a coordinated design style called Heaven Casual by the brand Tom Taylor. (Photo: ADA)

13 Indera – Hug
With Hug, Belgian furniture supplier Indera presents a modular sofa with endless combination possibilities. In addition to a variety of back and arm units and seat modules in different dimensions, the series also includes practical tables and storage elements so that you can create your very own relaxation zone. The soft, quilted upholstery resembles a warm bedspread, a homely cocoon where you can relax after an active day. (Photo: Indera)

14 Conte Caserta – Giant table made from a single piece of wood
he tabletop is produced from a single piece of acacia wood and measures 420 x 150 x 8 cm. The giant table is on display for the first time ever at Conte Caserta’s stand (A001 in Hall 11.1) at the imm cologne 2018 international interiors show in Cologne. Conte Caserta manufactures unique, solid-wood tabletops from golden-brown acacia cut from the middle of the tree and processed in one piece. The individual grain extends like a painting over the whole surface. (Photo: Conte Caserta)

15 Draenert – Marble Wings
The height of expressive art furniture: Marble Wings is a chaise longue made from a single solid block of natural Carrara marble, a limited edition of 15 pieces with a dated and numbered certificate. The Draenert company is celebrating its 50-year anniversary at imm cologne 2018. To mark the occasion, architect and designer Hadi Teherani has translated the cultural history of marble into modern design. (Photo: Draenert)

16 Hey-Sign – Stripe & Fields
The new STRIPE 2, 4 and FIELD rugs are new additions to Hey-Sign’s Carée rug range, which was introduced at imm cologne in 2017. In the two-colour STRIPE 2 rug, 40-cm felt strips are interwoven in alternate colours, resulting in an impressive decorative effect. The visible seams are a design feature that highlights the piece’s handcrafted character. (Photo: HEY-SIGN/Reimund Braun)

17 Sideboard K 16 – müller möbelfabrikation
With two doors or three, suspended on the wall or on aluminium runners, or in the painted version: the design and flexibility of the K 16 sideboard has always impressed. However, the latest option combines both elements in one! The impressive metal structure of the sliding doors is guaranteed to attract all the attention and the piece will inevitably become an outstanding highlight. Perfect for spaces full of extravagance! (Photo: müller möbelfabrikation)